Choice of 1 Appetizer + 1 Main Dish
Includes a side of Egg Fried Rice + 1 coffee

Appetizers - Select 1

Prok Belly Sliders (2u)

Mexican torta on a Gleba tomato brioche, with pork belly, aioli, green leaves mix, jalapeños and pickled red onion

Fish Taco (1u)

Fish tempura strips with Chinese cabbage, pineapple chutney, radishes, spicy mayo and baby coriander

VALID FROM 12:00 TO 15:00 AND 19:00 TO 20:00

WARNING! Due to possibility of cross-contamination, all our dishes may contain traces of allergens. Please speak to your server.

All prices inclusive of VAT at legal rate.

Eggplant Taco (1u)

Eggplant tempura strips, on a bed of chingensai, with spicy sweet and sour sauce, fried onions and fresh spring onions

Duck Croquettes (2u)

Creamy duck leg confit croquettes with sweet plum sauce

Calabacín Wonton (2u)

Zucchini wonton with lemongrass sauce and coriander

Tiger Prawn Tostada (2u)

Tiger Prawn tempura, guacamole and pico de gallo, served on a homemade corn tostada

Main Dishes - Select 1

Pork Strips

Grilled pork strips marinated in honey and achiote

Grilled Sea Bream

Grilled sea bream filet with sambal matah, watermelon salsa and leeks sprouts